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ChatGPT Utilization & AI/LLM Development

Our professionals in ChatGPT development, data processing, data analysis, and AI/LLM development have accumulated a wealth of experience tackling a wide range of industries and challenges. We offer assistance with the implementation and operation of ChatGPT, providing support to achieve effective utilization.
  • I don’t know what ChatGPT can do.
  • I don’t know how to utilize GPT/LLM effectively for our company.
  • My knowledge and skills for utilizing generative AI are insufficient.
  • I don’t know how to address issues such as information leakage or falsehoods when utilizing ChatGPT.
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Business System Development

Our company leverages cutting-edge technology and an experienced team to provide offshore business system development services. Entrust us to save time and costs while obtaining top-quality deliverables.
  • I want to improve our business processes, but it’s not clear where the issues lie.
  • There are tons of challenges, but I don’t know where to start tackling them.
  • Because I’m not knowledgeable about many things, I’d like to receive suggestions together.
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Web App Development

Our company consistently understands clients’ requirements in offshore web system development, providing optimal solutions tailored to their business needs. We leverage cutting-edge technology and support the full cycle from UI/UX design to development and testing.
  • I want to create a corporate website or homepage.
  • I want to renew the existing website because it’s outdated.
  • I want to develop a web system from a landing page for a new business development.
  • The person in charge has gone missing, and we’re unable to perform maintenance or additional development.
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Mobile App Development

Our company leverages the latest technology stack to provide mobile app development services. We create high-quality apps tailored to your business goals, compatible with various devices such as Android, iOS, and cross-platform.
  • I want to develop an app to implement business DX (Digital Transformation).
  • I want to develop an app to improve UX (User Experience).
  • I want to develop an app to launch a new business.
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In today’s business world, improving efficiency and productivity is essential. That’s why we offer RPA (Robotic Process Automation) services. Our RPA can automate complex business processes, saving valuable time and resources. Built with advanced technology and excellent quality, our RPA solutions ensure security and reliability. We also provide flexible plans tailored to your needs and competitive pricing. Work with us to reclaim your valuable time and streamline your business!.
  • I want to eliminate repetitive routine tasks.
  • I want to automate time-consuming tasks.
  • To prevent human errors, automate with RPA.
  • I want to utilize RPA to collect various data and utilize it for business analysis.
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70% Fullstack Developer

A full-stack engineer understands the entire development process, enabling them to modify both front-end and back-end programing. This reduces communication within the team when fixing bugs or adding features, thus improving development speed. Additionally, they can master multiple programming languages, allowing them to work on multiple projects and different development frameworks. This enables flexible adaptation to the type and scale of projects.


Good Communication,
experience consulting skill

Our bridge SE holds the highest level qualification in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N1) and is capable of native-level Japanese conversation. Additionally, they are an excellent engineer, graduating from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, and have over four years of engineering experience in Japan. Therefore, they are well-versed in IT knowledge and are confident in providing smoother consultations.


Fair Price, High Quality

Compared to development within Japan, we can achieve a cost reduction of 40-50% while still providing equivalent quality. This allows our clients to allocate resources more efficiently and secure budgets for investing in other areas of their business.


Strong at RPA, Data Scraping & utilization

Our company specializes in Python and is proficient in automating complex business processes using tools like Selenium and Playwright. Additionally, we have extensive experience in collecting data from the web and performing tasks such as data cleansing, building data infrastructure, and data analysis. This allows us to save our clients’ valuable time and resources.


The Process Of Implementation



Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide explanations on successful offshore development cases and points for selecting a company.



We prioritize accurately understanding our clients’ requests in order to bring their ideas to fruition.


Proposal & Estimation​

After analyzing the requirements, we provide a proposal that includes details of the development, estimated workload, project schedule, and future expansion features.


Contract & Order

We enter into confidentiality agreements, basic contracts for system development services, individual commission contracts, purchase orders, and other contracts and orders with the customer.


Design & Development

We proceed with UI/UX design, design systems, and development. We provide progress reports through daily or weekly updates and access to the test environment.


Testing & Bug Fixing

We create test documents, conduct integration tests and system tests, and find and fix bugs.


Delivery & Acceptance Testing​

We deliver according to the specifications by the deadline and release as requested. We conduct UAT (User Acceptance Testing) with the client, gather feedback, and make final adjustments.



Upon completion of UAT, we close and transition to the maintenance phase.